Hamilton-Deason straw bale studio – 2011

This lovely little straw bale building is an art and music studio for Kim Hamilton and Rob Deason, retired school teachers and artists. It is located in Deerhorn Valley, in eastern San Diego County, in an area that was heavily damaged by the wildfires in 2007.

The new straw bale building replaces an old shed that was lost in the fires. It was built by Paul Turner, a local builder who does high quality work. We were hired to do the clay plastering.

The owners wanted to have a celebration where their friends and family could “have a hand” in the building, so we ran a workparty (or, in this case, a not-very-hard-workparty) for them.  We hand-mixed some clay plaster and everyone got a chance to put some on the wall.

The next week, we started the rest of the base coat.  The plaster on the exterior and both base coats on the interior are completed.  Once all the trim and other interior finishes are done, well will go back and do the veneer/finish plaster on the interior.  I’m really looking forward to seeing this one done: it’s going to be beautiful!

Here is a nice article one of the local papers wrote about the project: http://eastcountymagazine.org/node/7715