about natural plasters

The term “natural plaster” refers to plaster that is made with ingredients that are less highly processed and less synthetic than conventional wall coverings. Clay and lime are the primary binders used in natural plasters. Natural plasters are desirable because they are non-toxic, low-impact, vapor-permeable and can be quite beautiful. They can contribute to better indoor air quality, humidity management, and improved acoustics.

Natural plasters can be applied to almost any wall surface with the correct preparation.  They can be used in renovations, new conventional construction, straw bale construction, and hybrid construction.

We specialize in making our own clay and lime plasters from raw materials either from the job site or sourced as locally as possible.  We formulate different mixes for specific applications and test our mixes to get the right strength, durability, color, and consistency. (Watch our video about erosion testing).

We are also trained installers of American Clay, a ready-mixed clay plaster manufactured in Albuquerque, New Mexico. American Clay has spent over a decade researching and refining their products and can ensure a level of consistency and reproducibility that is difficult to match in the field.  They have also developed systems designed to adhere to drywall and previously-painted surfaces without the aid of lath.  This can be a great advantage when there is not room around trim or fixtures for a half inch of lath and plaster.

We are passionate about the advantages of natural finishes and look forward to working with you to include them in your renovation or building project.

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