Feedback from “Intro to Carpentry for Women” April 2017

“I liked that the emphasis was on learning and safety rather than accomplishment. That encouraged me to work at my own pace. I also liked the broad spectrum of subjects mentioned- there were lots of interesting tidbits covering many aspects of the process. I thought the information was presented extremely well and the event was well organized. More please!!”

“The group size was great! And I really appreciated the age range of the women, as well. Nice to have a mix in age. I thought the structure and organization of the presentation was excellent. The attention to detail and clear explanation was exactly the type of instruction that I appreciate. It was evident that there was a variety of experience levels present and I felt the content offered something for everyone. Details like “have an eraser handy!”. “Get a bulk box of #2 bits”, etc. match the bit size to the # on the box of screws. Also the speed square!! 

I look forward to future offerings! I was with friends later in the day and they all wished I had invited them to join me. I had so much fun in a positive and low key, low anxiety environment. I felt really supported in my learning. This was an awesome way to spend a Saturday.”

“I liked the small class size; it was very un-intimidating and allowed for a lot of personal interaction with the instructor and classmates. I’ve been looking for a class like this for quite some time and am so pleased to have found one that gave us an opportunity to be ‘hands on’ with the subject. I think many more women would welcome a class like this and encourage its continuance. If there are additional classes regarding tool and building instruction, particularly anything related to strawbale construction I would sign up in a minute.”



“I had a great time; well worth the price. Fantastic that Meghann was there to assist; I can’t imagine how one person could do it all. I thought the information was presented extremely well and the class was well organized.”


I learned more than I had hoped to. It was very informative & hands on, with small class size.”