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straw bale highlights

highlights from straw bale projects

new straw bale home in El Cajon - 2013

Our current project is a 1600 sq foot straw bale home in El Cajon. Stay tuned for more pictures as the project progresses!

"Tiny" straw bale building - 2013

This is the 120 sq foot straw bale accessory building we built for our workshops in June 2013.

clay plaster for an Encitinas dining room - 2013

An American Clay makeover for the dining room of a home in Encinitas, CA. For all the times I’ve talked about “green,” this is the first time a client has selected the actual color green: American Clay’s “Havasu” in Porcelina.

Lexington clay plaster - 2013

They say the shoemaker\'s children have no shoes, but what about the shoemaker\'s parents? After listening to me talk about clay plaster for years, my parents decided to have us come and apply some in their home.

Hollywood remodel - 2012

Remodel of a small home in the Hollywood Hills that involved new wood paneling for the ceiling, clay plaster for the walls, a built in breakfast nook, new flooring, and turning a closet into a built in clay banco (couch).

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