American Clay plaster walls at Olive Branch – 2012

Before they decided to close, we redid the American Clay sample walls at Olive Branch Green Building Supply to showcase the wide variety of styles, textures, and looks possible with American Clay. Olive Branch  used to be the place to buy American Clay plaster in San Diego. The co-owner, Lisa, was an incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated green building advocate. Before Olive Branch opened, it was nearly impossible to get cotton insulation, recycled-content tile and countertops, non-toxic paint or sustainable flooring in San Diego. Olive Branch successfully introduced these products to the San Diego market and most are now widely available.


The unique beauty of clay plaster is hard to capture in photographs or text, you need to be able to see and touch it to fully appreciate it.  Unfortunately, Olive Branch closed in May of 2013. We are currently looking for other public venues where we can install clay plaster for the all to see and touch. If you have a potential site, let us know.