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Thoughts on begrudgingly coming to love lime plaster

When I consider what plaster to use, I always think of clay plaster first. I love clay plaster, it has so much going for it. In terms of minimizing environmental impact and carbon footprint, you cannot beat clay plaster. It is minimally processed, needs no additives, and can be sourced locally. Building well with straw …

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SD County drops fees for ADUs / guest houses!

More good news about building an ADU (aka guest house, granny flat): the County of San Diego has followed the City’s lead and reduced permitting fees for ADUs! The County allows an ADU to be added to any property with an existing house (as long as you meet certain zoning regulations). A detached ADU can …

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Our new net zero strawbale article is published

Our newest article on high-performance strawbale building is out in this month’s Home Power magazine! The article is all about our recent strawbale project that achieved Net Zero Energy Building certification through the Living Building Challenge. This home will be part of the USGBC’s Green Homes Tour on Oct 21, 2018. Here’s a link to …

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