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Why are houses in San Diego so unaffordable?

On average in San Diego, it will cost about $500k for an existing house with land or about $200k for land plus $300k for a new house to be built on it: either way it’s a pretty steep climb for many of us. Wondering why you can’t find an affordable home to buy in San …

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Exciting new rules about “guest houses” in San Diego!

Whether you call them guest houses, granny flats, or second dwelling units, there’s some exciting news about them! New legislation passed in CA lifts some of the restrictions around these units, which are now all called Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Two of the most exciting features of the new rules, which went into effect on …

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Dreaming Small

In elementary school, I was obsessed with building my own house. As an introvert in a family of extroverts, I really wanted my own separate space, snug within its own four walls and roof. It didn’t need to be large, just big enough for a bed and a desk. Having no idea how to build …

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