Simple Construct is now a Benefit Corporation

We are proud to announce that we have restructured our business to reflect and embed our values: we have become a Benefit Corporation. This means that, although we are a for-profit company, maximizing profits is not our only consideration. We have written into our articles of incorporation that:

“The specific public benefit of this corporation is to preserve the environment and improve human health by reducing the embodied-energy, consumption, toxicity, and carbon footprint of construction through the use of local, natural, and carbon-sequestering building materials.”

As part of this process, we also defined our mission:

Our mission is to create high-performance natural homes from local, carbon-sequestering materials; to preserve the environment by reducing embodied-carbon; and to educate about, advocate for, and provide healthy, high-quality shelter for as many people as possible.

We hope you share our vision for a way of building that not only does less harm, but can actively do good for the environment and human health.