plastering drywall & other surfaces

With the right preparation, clay and lime plaster can be applied to just about any surface.

This is an example of a finish clay plaster over new drywall.  For this part of the project, we used a ready-made clay plaster called American Clay. With the right primer and two thin coats of plaster, a beautiful finish was achieved. This system can be used on almost any wall: previously painted, new drywall, etc.




This apartment suffered from humidity issues.  Whenever one took a shower or cooked, condensation would form on the windows.   Running the bathroom vent fan constantly didn’t help.  We applied a finish clay plaster, about 1/4″ thick, to two of the bedroom walls.  Now, the plaster absorbs most of the excess humidity, stopping it from condensing on the windows, and releases it when the air is drier.  We were amazed that even such a thin layer on a relatively small area could work so well.




This straw bale garage was plastered with a rough coat of cement-based stucco.  We applied a lime plaster to the interior to give it a more finished feel.