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Simple Construct is now a Benefit Corporation

We are proud to announce that we have restructured our business to reflect and embed our values: we have become a Benefit Corporation. This means that, although we are a for-profit company, maximizing profits is not our only consideration. We have written into our articles of incorporation that:

“The specific public benefit of this corporation is to preserve the environment and improve human health by reducing the embodied-energy, consumption, toxicity, and carbon footprint of construction through the use of local, natural, and carbon-sequestering building materials.”

As part of this process, we also defined our mission:

Our mission is to create high-performance natural homes from local, carbon-sequestering materials; to preserve the environment by reducing embodied-carbon; and to educate about, advocate for, and provide healthy, high-quality shelter for as many people as possible.

We hope you share our vision for a way of building that not only does less harm, but can actively do good for the environment and human health.

Plaster Party & Booktalk 10/5/19

Join us at Terra Corazon Farm in Valley Center for a fun, free day of learning!

This event is free but you must register in advance

Applications for our Natural Building Pre-Apprenticeship + Certificate Program are due May 18

Interested in part-time on-the-job training and focused classwork centered on natural, high-performance building? Check out our new Pre-Apprenticeship + Certificate Program!

We are pleased to offer this unique opportunity in partnership with the San Diego Sustainable Living Institute. Only four places will be offered per 3 month semester, applications are due May 18, 2019. Here’s a link to more info:….

The long-awaited “Straw Bale Building Details” book is available!

After more than ten years of work by many, many people, the book actually really exists! I’m proud to be one of about 40 contributors to this great book that covers many options and variations for building with straw bales and is full of good illustrations. This is the book I wish I had had when I started building with bales 15 years ago. On sale now:…/S/Straw-Bale-Building-Details.

Testimony about one of our strawbale homes in the snow

Attached are some photos taken this AM of the house - 3-4" of snow which is pretty good for Campo. Low 20's outside at night. Interior drops to 72 when the woodstove is cold or overnight, and the whole house heats quite uniformly. We haven't used the mini-split heater. I know I harp on this, but such performance is remarkable. This house is just so damn easy to live in

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