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Wanted: Public Space for Clay Plaster

We are looking to partner with the owners of public spaces (stores, galleries, spas, etc) to put clay plaster where people can see and touch it. The unique beauty of clay plaster is hard to capture in photographs or text, people need to be able to see and touch it to fully appreciate it.

If you own or run a space that is open to the public and would like to have clay plaster in your venue, we’d like to hear from you. We may be able to create a mutually beneficial opportunity: significantly discounted beautiful clay plaster for you, advertising for us.

Email us at or call 619-342-6709. Thank you.

toxic drywall

Why build differently? In a global economy with different rules in different countries, it's hard to be sure what is or isn't in commercially available building products. The case of the tainted Chinese drywall is extreme but highlights how little we know about what we are building with unless we carefully trace origin and content.

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houses shrink, satisfaction grows

According to recent consumer studies, some homeowners are beginning to prefer smaller homes.  The old mantra of “reduce – reuse- recycle” starts with the idea of first using less.  This is very encouraging news!

Houses Shrink But Buyer Satisfaction Grows– read the Journal of Light Construction report here: (scroll down to the second section of the article).